Vitachem Industries offers flavours suitable for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications. Select from a wide array of products ranging from sweet to savoury, liquid to powder, and natural to synthetic categories that will surely meet your flavouring needs.


Responsibly sourced, top quality tea, fruit, and herbal extracts brought to you by a global expert on botanical products, the Martin Bauer Group.


Health and functional ingredients for various application forms – dietary supplements, beverage, food, and medical products – created by BASF to support the health and nutritional needs of people across all ages.

Spectrum Ingredients

Select from our huge portfolio of processed fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, pulses, flours, blends, and pastes sourced globally by Spectrum Ingredients to ensure you have access to top quality products.


Acids versatile across a wide range of applications serving various purposes such as overall sensory profile enhancement, improvement of shelf stability, and pH management.

Food Performance

A premium product range of food performance ingredients such as aerating emulsifiers and whipping agents to achieve excellent taste, mouthfeel, and texture in your food products.


Achieve a competitive edge and distinguish your food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products with synthetic colors from the leading global manufacturer of color solutions – Sensient Technologies.

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